Claire (claireylouisa) wrote in workoutcuties,

Another newbie!

Hey! I'm Claire and I'm new here so thought I'd say hi! I realised recently that I was a total workout junkie so thought this was perfect for me!
I like running, and swimming and I go to the gym regularly and I've just discovered a class called "Cardio Combat" (maybe other gyms have it too?) which is jumping about and punching and kicking etc to music which I really enjoy! I used to play tennis twice a week so I have a weak knee, but I've learnt what I can and can't do and now it doesn't stop me!!!
I'm 5'7" and 137lbs so I'm pretty happy with my weight as I'm pretty muscly, especially my legs! I live in Sheffield without a car so I walk everywhere. I live up one of the steepest hills around here and it's definately my secret to a great bum!
I'm running in the Race for Life in June so I'm training hard, I'm determined to do the 5km in under 35 minutes!
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